Good day to everyone.

I am attempting to combine my blogs so I don’t need to maintain two. I’m not sure when I’ll do this, but please follow my other blog, The follow button is on the left.  When I finally decide to get rid of this one, that is where I’ll be posting.




3 thoughts on “maintenance…

  1. I understand the need for consolidation. I’m doing my best to keep up with 3 blogs but they each have a different theme, subject matter and purpose. Sometime last year I felt a need to separate my photos from my writing and it has worked out well. I’ve quite Happy and Satisfied with my incarnation as the Roaming Urban Gypsy.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • When it comes to different themes, a separate blog is necessary. But both of my blogs are pretty much the same. I used the site to build a following since it seems easier to reach people here. I’d continue to post here, but only posts directing folks to my other blog post. 🙂

      I’ll see what unfolds. Haven’t finalized my decision yet. Need to see if folks will go to my other blog.

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